Let iHost Set Your Short-Term Rental Free – Our Key Exchange Is On Sale for Only $5!

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Apartment Listing

Apartment Guidebook

Our staff of professional photographers can make your apartment go from High School Yearbook to Bradley Cooper Headshot. Seriously, they are that good. Choose from an array of photog styles – from classical to avant garde – and everything in between.  Prices vary depending on the size of apartment.




$250 to $400

Want more guest inquiries, more bookings and more cash in your wallet?  iHost’s team of professional writers to the rescue!  Our description of your apartment and the surrounding area will make your listing sound like Buckingham Palace.






“What’s the WiFi password?”

“What time is checkout?”

“What is the meaning of life?”

“It’s too hot in here, how do I turn on the a/c?”


Guest questions got you down?  Let iHost create the definitive guidebook for your place – and reduce unwanted guest transmissions to zero!




Guest Screening and Reservations



Keeping up with Airbnb emails is tough.  If you miss a few inquiries, your all-important response rate may drop.  On top of it all, you have to select appropriate guests! Never fear. Our reservation service will answer all emails – day or night – screen guests, make bookings and handle guest communication during their stay.  Invaluable!


Monthly Fee:


Our founder is a bit of a neat freak.  And so are we.  At our offices, we can (and sometimes do) eat off the floor. Take advantage of our long-standing relationships with AAA+ housekeepers that will scrub and polish and shine your place until our founder approves!  They are so good, in fact, that guests will specifically take note.




$90 to $250


Yes, you do have better things to do than shop for toilet paper. . .at least we hope.  And that’s where we come in!  Our provisioning abilities begin with TP and end with. . . well, just about anything we can legally acquire within the confines of the law.





$25 and up


Market Rate Consultation

Key Exchange

24/7 Emergency Lockout

So what is your apartment worth – really worth – on the short-term rental market?  Our team of pros has spent countless hours analyzing that very question.  Heck, the hyperbolic among us might even say they are doctoral candidates for a PhD in short-term renting from iHost University. Put their wealth of knowledge to work for you.  (Note: They are not real doctors, nor is there a short-term rental doctorate.  Yet.)


Monthly Fee:  $200



Why can’t the Knicks seem to win a game this year? If they keep running out of Cronuts, why don’t they just make more?  And why, oh why, does your guest always show up when it’s inconvenient?  We can’t answer these questions, we just know we speak the truth.  And we’re here to help.  Not with the Knicks or Cronuts, of course, but with getting your guests those keys.




Introductory Special:
$5 or $10 per Exchange!


Imagine a world in which guests never lost their keys. Okay, now stop.  Imagination time is over. If you live in NYC, chances are you need our lockout service. Simply give your guests our number and we will field that call at 4:00 am that goes something like this:  “Hey, I’m outside your front door but I can’t get in...”





$50 setup fee
plus lockout charge ($60 to $80)




(212) 888-9494



110 East 59th Street

22nd Floor

The Big Apple, 10022