Let iHost Set Your Short-Term Rental Free – Our Key Exchange Is On Sale for Only $5!


Everyone needs a place to crash sometimes – especially when your home is being used as a short-term rental.  Luckily we have just the solution: the iHost Community!


When you're part of the iHost Community, you can crash at a fellow iHost user's place whenever you have a guest staying at yours.  Our places are known as Crash Pads, and to make things even easier, we’ll try to find one right near you.

iHOST CHIPS We know there's no such thing as a free couch. Every time an iHost member stays at your place, you get rewarded with iHost Chips! Think of them like poker chips. These can be cashed in and used toward our services, so you end up saving money just by being the cool and hospitable person you already are. Make sure the person staying at your Crash Pad gives you proof that their place was rented on Airbnb while they stayed with you. (An Airbnb itinerary printed on the last day of the crash will do). That way, we can award you those valuable chips: 5 chips per crash night (verified crashes only). The more you let a member crash, the more you cash: 20 chips = $10 off any service
40 chips = $20 off any service
60 chips = $30 off any service
80 chips = $45 off any service
100 chips = $55 off any service
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