Let iHost Set Your Short-Term Rental Free – Our Key Exchange Is On Sale for Only $5!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iHost?
Who is this for?

iHost is the one stop shop for short-term rental needs. It's for someone that uses a service like Airbnb, and makes managing a short-term rental manageable. We know how busy life can be – iHost is here to help.

Do you work with sites other than Airbnb?

Yes, we service short-term rentals on all the major sites (Airbnb/Vrbo/Homeaway). If you list your short-term rental on Craigslist, we can help you too!

Is iHost available in [my awesome city]?

Right now, iHost is only available in New York City. But we have plans to one day rule the world! In a benevolent, leader in concierge services sort of way. Stay tuned  to see us make our way to you, one city at a time.

What services does iHost offer?

iHost offers the following services a la carte -- pick and choose as you need them!  It's like when they bring out that table full of dessert at the end of a meal but slightly less delicious:


  • Key Exchange
  • Photography
  • Written Apartment Listing
  • Written Apartment Guidebook
  • Guest Screening/Reservations
  • Cleaning
  • Provisioning
  • Emergency Lockout Service
  • Market Rate Consultation


To see more detailed descriptions of our services and packages click here.

What are chips? Do you mean snack food? Or that old TV show with Erik Estrada?

Chips, not CHiPs. Erik Estrada has very little, and in fact nothing to do with us. Chips are how we reward iHost members who invite other iHost members to crash at their place when it is being rented out. Think of chips as free dollars! Chips can be applied as discounts when you purchase iHost services in the future.

Can you guys water my plants or take care of pet?

Although we do not offer services outside of short-term rental needs, if you're looking for a gardener or dog sitter, we might be able to put you in touch with some help! But alas, we ourselves cannot help you out there. We stick to what we're good at, which includes everything else in your apartment besides flora and fauna.

Do you report my income?

No, we do not report your income. We are only here to service your short-term rental. Whether you decide to pay taxes, that’s up to you, Al Capone.

How do you vet guests?

Our staff diligently communicates and screens guests before they book your apartment.

How do you vet a vet?

Is that a joke? If so, we haven't written a punchline for it yet.

Is there a membership fee?

No, there is not a membership fee to start using iHost! All of our services are offered a la carte so you just pick and choose, as you need them.

What if a guest steals something or breaks something?

People are capable of shocking things. I mean, who would've guessed - Jude Law and the nanny? Having said that, despite our confidence in guest screening we can not be responsible for guest negligence or damages. You understand.  Having said that, we do anticipate being able to sell special insurance to cover these types of situations.  Stay tuned!

Let's talk!

That's not a question!


Call us at(212) 888 – 9494

Email us at info@ihostnewyork.com

Visit us at our office! – 110 East 59th Street, Suite 2200 NYC


Ok, this one is kind of a question but it's just like, one word. Does that count as a question? While I ponder that, have a look at our more detailed services list.

What do you mean by a la carte?

The best part about iHost is that we’re flexible. You only pay for the services you want and need. So if you prefer your really special way of cleaning the kitchen sink, by all means go for it! At the same time if you just want someone with a better taste in wine to provision your apartment for you, let's talk.

What time do you offer your services?

Our services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your apartment doesn’t get a night off, why would we?

Who's cleaning my place? Who's buying provisions? Etc?

Our staff of professional cleaners and couriers will treat you apartment like a luxury hotel and make sure your deliveries arrive faster than the speed of light. We only pick the best, most thorough professionals and we have longstanding working relationships with all of them.

How do I get my key to you?

We make it easy. We come to you!

How does key service work?

Once we have a copy, you let us know what time your guest is arriving and we’ll be there to greet them with a smile and a key!

What's the iHost community?

The iHost community is the best way for you to connect with other short-term rental hosts. When you need a place to crash while your apartment is rented, we put you in touch with another member of the iHost community. In addition to that, we will reward you with chips for letting other short-term rental hosts stay at your place. More chips = more discounts on services.


Look. We've got our vehicles gassed up, and their GPS systems locked and loaded. Our fleet of cleaners have more fresh mops than you can shake a stick at. We even have the pile of fresh NYC bagels you asked us to leave for your guests. Yes, we're ready to go! But we're gonna need at least 24 hours notice before you cancel on us, it's only fair. We run a tight ship so you don't have to worry about keeping your money-making sailboat afloat.

Is there a monthly rate?

No, there is not a monthly rate to join the iHost community.

You guys seem awesome.

Aw shucks, you too!



(212) 888-9494



110 East 59th Street

22nd Floor

The Big Apple, 10022