We know how it is. You have a short-term rental to run. But you just scored tickets to see your favorite band, and they're playing in an hour. Maybe your cousin from Wyoming is in town – and you’ve gotta show her around. Or maybe you just need a night to veg out on the couch. We get it.


And we got this. We're experts at micromanaging the details that make your short-term rental go from a blip on the radar to a money-making machine.


Ditch the iPhone and let us send our professional photographers over to take some real pictures. Throw the thesaurus back on the shelf and let us handle your apartment listing. We'll clean the hair out of your sink and keep your fridge stocked with nice bottles of wine. We'll meet the guests coming in from Tokyo and even get them keys to the apartment when they get locked out at 4 A.M. on a Tuesday.


But let's not go crazy. You're a responsible adult. You don't have to pay for the services you can handle yourself. With iHost, pay as you go and only for what you need. We're flexible, just like your life should be. Set yourself, and your short-term rental, free.

Let iHost Set Your Short-Term Rental Free – Our Key Exchange Is On Sale for Only $5!



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